Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creating the decals for the sides of the truck.

Creating the decals/logo/image is always a challenge. We wanted to share the progression with you so here we go.

Dads Food Truck is getting there.

Day one...the original truck. As you can see its a Snap-On truck that we bought because these things are monsters and durable and easy to convert into practically anything.

Here is the first concept so we had a cover photo for the
Facebook Page

We then put these 2 images out to the audience and asked what changes they would make and which on they liked better. 

Image 1 didn't win the crowd over as much as the one above it so we started to tweak image 2 so that it look more like the suggestions we got.

Right Side

So with a little work we decided on this version you see above. added the other social media channels we will be posting to and then created the other 2 sides of the truck.

Left Side

Back of the Truck

UPDATE 4/16/13
Newest revision of the layout. 

These of course are all Photoshopped and will look clean.  But we feel this is most likely the last revisions before we hit the road.

And yes we are on all 8 of those social channels. Here they are so follow us on the ones you want to and we would love it if you would share us with your friends. 

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